Version 12.0 with support of Embarcadero Technologies Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE12.0.


Add telephony functions to your application...

and enable it to make and answer voice or data calls, detect caller IDs, receive and generate DTMF tones, read/set the display of a phone, control the hookswitch devices and many more.

The Telephony API (TAPI) is one of the most complex APIs of Microsoft Windows. hbTapi Components abstracts the API to some Delphi components which can be easily controlled by your application. hbTapi Components works through Microsoft's Telephony API to provide hardware-independence, this makes it easy to work with telephony devices from many manufacturers. It can be used with any TAPI compliant telephony hardware: low cost modems, ISDN adapters, professional telephony cards and switches etc.

An applicated developed with hbTapi Components is applicable to all Windows 32- and 64-Bit operating systems with TAPI Version 2.1 or higher.

Because hbTapi Components are native Delphi/C++Builder VCL components, it links directly to your EXE and no runtime libraries are needed - this keeps .EXEs small and loads fast.

Just a few features of hbTapi Components

  • Handle all line resp. phone features with every one single component
  • Detect/Generate DTMF tones - local and remote party key presses
  • Enumerate installed line and phone devices
  • Detect Silence on a channel - Silence Processing
  • Support multiple phones, lines, calls per line, and multiple addresses
  • Discover device hardware capabilities
  • Complete call control - Call progress messages and call state
  • Enumerate Location Names
  • Make Call - Dial full or partial number
  • Get/set Current Location, Country Code, ...
  • Display CallerID information - Name, number
  • Control speakerphones,handsets and headsets
  • Translate telephone number - Using dialing properties
  • Control display, buttons and lamps
  • Detect ringing, busy, connect, disconnect, and much more...
  • Create "Assisted Telephony" applications
  • Use Hold, Unhold, Park, Transfer,Redirect and more...
  • Send/Receive binary data - Comm port handle
  • Use Conference Calling, Three Way Calls and more...
  • Create "Assisted Telephony" applications
  • Create IVR-Applications 
  • Playback and Recording of wave file audio suppported
  • Call Forwarding
  • Improved Call Transfer and Conferencing

and many more...